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State & Local Income Taxes


Today’s businesses, no matter how large or small, typically operate in several state and local taxing jurisdictions. Compliance with state and local income taxes (SALT) can be a very cumbersome and complex area for your business. At 415 Group, we have a strong expertise in this area. Our SALT group has extensive experience and has filed tax returns in almost every state. To avoid potential interest and penalties due to non-compliance and to prevent the costly mistake of not filing a return (starting the statute of limitations) when a return should have been filed, it is beneficial to work with a CPA firm that has a strong understanding of how these jurisdictions operate.


Through CPAmerica, we essentially have an office in almost every state. Nationally, we are affiliated with more than 2,500 CPAs at more than 80 firms. CPAmerica International is a member of Crowe Horwath International, the 9th largest global association of independent audit and advisory services firms in the world - International Accounting Bulletin (IAB). This is especially important for our clients who have multiple offices around the country or whose business takes them from coast to coast or around the globe. By pooling resources with our fellow CPAmerica members, 415 Group can enhance its resources and market knowledge base. This is one way that we provide added value to our client experience.


With 415 Group's SALT tax experts, you can efficiently report and pay your state income taxes on time with the confidence that you are paying the proper amounts. We offer the insight to recognize circumstances in which you should file. We have taken steps to assess non-compliance situations for our clients and then walk them through some of the many voluntary compliance programs which are offered by almost every state. 

Here are some areas in which our state and local tax experts may assist you.

Nexus Standards

  • Physical Presence Requirement
  • Economic Presence Standard
  • Ownership of Pass-Through Entities
  • Doing Business
  • Application of Pub. L. No. 86-272

Initial Fees and Taxes

  • Initial Fees and Registration Taxes
  • Annual Capital and Franchise Taxes

Imposition of Tax and Taxable Entities

  • Imposition of Corporate Tax
  • C Corporations
  • Partnerships
  • LLCs
  • S Corporations
  • Tax-Exempt Entities

I.R.C. Conformity

  • Incorporation of Internal Revenue Code
  • Asset Expense Election (Sec. 179)
  • Bonus Depreciation (Sec. 168(k))
  • Domestic Production Activities Deduction (Sec. 199)
  • Extended NOLs (Sec. 172(b)(1)(H))

Allocation and Apportionment

  • MTC Compact Adoption
  • Business Income/Nonbusiness Income Defined
  • Standard Apportionment Formula
  • The Property Factor
  • The Payroll Factor
  • The Sales Factor
  • Combined Groups (Joyce/Finnigan Rules)
  • Sourcing Receipts

        Sales of Tangible Personal Property
        Receipts from Sales of Other Than Tangible Personal Property
        Banks and Financial Services Companies

  • Alternative Apportionment


  • Priority of Credits
  • Job Creation Credits
  • Relocation and Expansion Credits
  • Environmental Credits
  • Enterprise Zone Credits

Pass-Through Entities

  • Recognition of Federal Election and Pass-Through Treatment
  • Tax Treatment of Pass-Through Entities
  • Conversions of Corporations to LLCs
  • Apportionment by Pass-Through Entities
  • Composite Return Election and Agreement
  • Partnerships Composite Returns
  • S Corporations Composite Returns

Voluntary Compliance programs

Sales and use tax

State & Local Income Taxes Specialists

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