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Our Work Environment

415 Group WorkspaceAt 415 Group, we’re reimagining the traditional accounting firm. We’ve modernized our work space and established a culture that’s centered around the total wellbeing of our team. Whether it’s through our employee perks or office upgrades, we’re committed to creating an environment that promotes the health and happiness of our associates.

Modern Office Space

Walking through the halls of our office, you’ll see local artwork commissioned from several of our clients that tie their products into our logo. Our lunchroom was designed to truly be multi-purpose. It is fully equipped with video and audio for office gatherings and training sessions. Our conference rooms are designed for different purposes. A stand-up, bar height one offers ideal meeting space for quick, standing meetings. Other office features include:

Health and Wellness Initiative

We offer a variety of opportunities to help our associates on their wellness journey. Beyond keeping our breakroom stocked with healthy snacks, we’ve partnered with AultWorks to develop a workplace wellness initiative. Our program includes:

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