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Cameron E. Carruthers

As a field engineer for the IT department at 415 Group, Cameron Carruthers handles IT issues and projects on site at our clients’ locations. 

Cameron is passionate about client experience. He says, “I want 415 Group clients to have the best experience and never feel like reaching out is a hindrance. I will always go an extra step to make sure the client is satisfied.” 

He enjoys keeping a sharp edge on technology and learning new skills. “If I don’t know something, I’m confident that someone in our department does know and is willing to teach me.” 

He says, “Everyone at 415 Group treats each other like family. The compassion and willingness to help is incredible.” 

In his free time, Cameron likes getting together with friends to play board games or Dungeons and Dragons. He also loves to watch videos to learn many different things, with topics ranging from history to how new technology works and was designed.  

Cameron and his fiancée, Julie, have two cats named Navi and Luci. Together, they like to find and try small restaurants, go to Renaissance Faires and play odd or colorful board games.  

Community Involvement

  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Hospice
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