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Click the link above to send CONFIDENTIAL information to partners, tax department or audit department that you do not want to send by regular email. 
Request Prior Year Tax Returns
Click the link above to retrieve copies of your personal or business tax return
Third Party ADvisors
Click the link above if you are an advisor to a 415 Group client and you were notified that a file was loaded to your portal.
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Allow our IT team to remotely access your computer.
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Video Resources:

Electronic Tax Organizer Tutorial - Extended

 Electronic Tax Organizer Tutorial - Short


Looking to send documents directly to an advisor or department?

Click on the name below:

Tax Department
Audit Department
Bradshaw, Timothy
Buckshaw, Jeff
Butler, Ron
Campanale, Matt
Craig, Richard
Giannetti, Kristine
Hann, Phillip
Hudson, Evan
Hupp, Barbara D.
Isler, Chad
Kloha, Dan
Krohn, Kathleen
Lieser, Holly
Maynard III, Raymond A.
Monaco, Frank
Polatas, Carol
Raber, Brian
Reolfi, Dominic
Ruggles, Todd
Schreiber, Eric
Simmons, Natalie 


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