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Forensic Accounting Services & Litigation Support

When financial disputes arise, your legal team often needs expert guidance from a forensic accounting firm to navigate financial complexities. At 415 Group, we provide litigation support and forensic accounting services for Northeast Ohio attorneys and their clients, as well as federal, state and local agencies.

As certified public accountants, our expertise spans across a variety of financial matters including business valuation, domestic disputes, bankruptcy, wrongful death actions and personal and commercial economic damages. Certified in financial forensics, our team has the skills and experience to delve into income tracing, business valuations, broken contract damages and passive versus active appreciation on assets.

We routinely work with law firms to produce, compile and organize important financial documentation for each phase of litigation, from pre-trial preparation to post-trial evaluation. Our goal is to assist your team by providing independent expert testimony, financial analysis and evidence to support legal arguments.

Our forensic accounting services include:

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