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Creating and Cultivating a Well-rounded and Diverse Team of Auditors


Jeffery Buckshaw, audit and assurance partner at 415 Group, talks about the benefits of a well-rounded career experience for auditors. His personal experience as a CFO in the private sector helps him analyze and consult with companies in a more holistic way, and he uses this knowledge to manage and grow the audit and assurance team at 415 Group.

Throughout his career, Buckshaw has had the opportunity to work with many different teams in human resources, sales, and marketing departments. Through that experience, he gained a deeper understanding of business operations and valuable lessons that he applies to his work in public accounting now, particularly the importance of listening to your employees. Your employees are your most valuable asset. They provide valuable insight to what is working as expected and possible problems.

At 415 Group, our auditors have a diverse background of knowledge and experience, including a mix of private and public accounting. With this experience, we have created a strong team that understands the whole process of what makes a successful company.

Watch this video to learn ways to cultivate a strong team and contact us to see how 415 Group can help your company.



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