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Ever wish you could take that email back?


It wouldn’t hurt any of us to hesitate a second and review our emails before hitting the “send” button.

stunned employee

Some people have learned that the hard way. And, boy, have there been some whoppers.

Can you imagine accidentally emailing:

Those are just a few of the embarrassing blunders reported by 250 executives across the country in a survey by the Robert Half consulting firm.

In fact, 78 percent of those executives themselves say they have mistakenly emailed someone the wrong message or copied someone on a message without intending to.

Not surprisingly, some of the email gaffes above resulted in the termination of the employee.

And, in other cases, breaches of email etiquette can adversely affect the sender’s career prospects.

Three of four of the executives surveyed said technology etiquette breaches could somewhat (61 percent) or greatly (15 percent) hurt the employee’s career. One quarter said, “Not at all.”

In Business Etiquette: The new rules in the digital age, the Robert Half staffing firm addresses some of the fine points of email etiquette:

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