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Finding the Balance of Income vs. Spending


Every year the IRS publishes instructions to prepare your Form 1040, individual tax return. The publication for 2019 is a whopping 108 pages! On page 103 of the IRS booklet is a summary of collections (income) and spending (outlays) by the federal government. Given the election year, here is a summary of this recap and some general observations.*


Two pie charts, one showing the breakdown of federal government income, the other with a breakdown of their spending


23%: The amount of annual spending with no income to cover it.

63%: The amount of spending for social programs, Social Security and Medicare.

20%: National defense (15%), veterans benefits (4%), foreign aid (1%)

8%: Amount of annual budget required to pay interest on prior year deficits.

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*for the fiscal year 2018 ending September 30, 2018.

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