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Managed IT helps nonprofit stay mission-focused

IT Services

Exterior view of Stark Community FoundationStark Community Foundation supports programs and services that enrich our community by connecting donors to the causes they care about. Since 1963, the foundation and its family of donors have granted more than $170 million to nonprofits that make a positive, lasting impact on our region.

Like many nonprofits, the foundation maintains a lean operation with a staff of only thirteen. For years, they devoted internal resources to managing their information technology (IT). But in 2017, when the foundation decided to transition to a new information management system, they knew it was time for a change.

They turned to their long-standing partner, 415 Group, for support.

We knew that if we were going to move to this new information management system, we were going to have to upgrade our infrastructure. We wanted to make sure we would be equipped with not only what we needed today, but also what we would need tomorrow, as we continue to grow.
– Callie Livengood, Director of Marketing and Communications, Stark Community Foundation


As a client for nearly 20 years, Stark Community Foundation felt confident in 415 Group’s experience and expertise.

“They’ve been doing this for a long time, and that’s important to us,” said Livengood. “The fact that [they’re] local and in our own backyard gives us a sense of relief.”

Like many organizations, they previously relied on a “break-fix” model, meaning they would address any issues as they occurred. But that approach quickly changed with 415 Group’s managed IT services. Now, every computer at the foundation is equipped with the tools necessary to stay proactive, so 415 Group can detect problems before they arise.

With access to 415 Group’s IT HelpDesk, foundation staff members can request remote or on-site support at their convenience.

“We really see 415 Group as an extension of our staff,” said Livengood. “They’re always available. They respond to our needs quickly.”


Livengood said the switch to managed IT has been a significant time-saver for their team.

“It freed up resources, and it brought peace of mind for a lot of people,” said Livengood. “We recognized that our team’s time needed to be focused more on our mission, not IT. It didn’t make sense to keep investing resources in that area, when we knew 415 Group is more than capable.”

The foundation relies on strong cyber security to protect its donor information and assets.

“One of the intrinsic values 415 Group has been able to bring to Stark Community Foundation is in the area of cyber security,” said Livengood. “As the community’s trusted partner in giving and with assets approaching $300 million, it is critical that Stark Community Foundation keeps cyber security at the forefront of our organization. 415 Group has been instrumental in keeping us protected from malware, spam and cyber intruders and ensuring we are employing best practices in the area of IT security.”

Livengood said ultimately, the decision to switch to managed IT allows their organization to focus more on what they do best — charitable giving.

“It was in our best interest, and ultimately in the best interest of our donors, who we serve, to partner with 415 Group,” said Livengood. “With their help, we can continue to focus solely on our mission.”

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