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Healthcare Industry

We focus on tax strategy, profitability and efficiency at your medical practice, so you can prioritize patient care

Healthcare Accounting and Consulting Services

From shifting regulations to emerging payment models, today’s healthcare providers face enormous pressure to manage their practices in a changing landscape.

At 415 Group, we help you protect the financial future of your practice amid complex changes. Through our accounting and consulting services, we offer the tax strategies and operational insights you need to stay profitable, so you can focus more on providing the best care for your patients.

We work with medical practices and dental offices of all sizes from solo providers to large physician groups. Our expertise extends to wellness centers, long-term care facilities, skilled nursing facilities and assisted living communities for seniors. We use our familiarity with the healthcare industry, particularly within Stark County and the Northeast Ohio region, to your benefit, helping you benchmark your practice against others in the area.

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Our Solutions for Healthcare Providers

  1. Tax Preparation and Planning

    Is your practice taking advantage of every available tax incentive? Our tax services go beyond preparation. We offer tax planning to help you reduce your tax burden and manage risk.

  2. Profitability, Revenue Enhancements and Cost Controls

    Next to patient care, keeping your practice profitable is likely your top priority. We can help you optimize your cash flow, so when it comes to your financial future, there are no surprises.

  3. Operational Assessments

    Is your practice running at peak efficiency or is there room for improvement? We offer operational reports, including a review of your labor costs, salaries and compensation.

  4. Benchmarking Analysis

    How does your medical practice stack up against others in this region? We provide benchmarking analysis to help you compare and stay competitive.

  5. Practice Purchase

    Buying into a practice can be a complex transaction. We frequently work with new providers to help review your options and find any available financing.

  6. Practice Succession Planning

    When you're ready to retire, what's your plan for your practice, your staff and your patients? We'll help you establish a succession plan to help prepare for that transition.

  7. Medical Practice Valuations

    You're ready to sell your practice, but do you know its real value? We provide business valuations for medical and dental practices, so you know how much your asset is worth.

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