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Accounting Services for Energy Companies

Tax planning and financial services for the oil & gas industry

Oil & Gas Industry

The energy industry faces a unique set of financial challenges and opportunities with fluctuating costs and economic pressures. Businesses and individuals need a trusted advisor with a deep understanding of the industry to ensure compliance and manage risk.

At 415 Group, our experience with business accounting services for energy companies spans across each segment of the energy industry, from traditional sources, like coal and natural gas, to renewable energy sources, like solar and wind. We work with suppliers, contractors, mineral owners, licensed operators and drillers throughout Northeast Ohio.

As certified public accountants and business consultants, we assist with:

As the Utica and Marcellus shale production increases across Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia, taxation continues to be a focus of state and federal lawmakers. Businesses and individuals need to have the best information available to guarantee compliance. At 415 Group, we can make sure everything is covered.

With decades of experience in the oil and gas industry, we provide expertise in income taxation and planning, including mineral and land management, capital pooling and drilling, as well as the development and management of well operations.

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