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QuickBooks Enterprise: 9 Features of the 2018 Edition


On September 18, Intuit rolled out QuickBooks Enterprise 18.0. 415 Group Manager Barbara Hupp, a certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor, explains some of the key features now available.

Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor

“The 2018 edition offers several benefits. Customers will discover new ways to improve efficiency, cash flow, order fulfillment and security. If you have any questions about QuickBooks or these new features, please contact us at 415 Group. We will have one of our Certified ProAdvisors reach out to you.”

1.  Save time merging vendors

Do you import your charges from your credit card and end up with multiple vendors in your list? Now, you can easily identify duplicate vendors and merge four at a time. You can also choose a master vendor and pick the relevant information from the others being merged. (Please note the specific vendors that cannot be chosen for a merge include: tax authorities; vendors that have been paid using online banking; and vendors with direct deposits.)

2.  Be more productive with multi-monitor support

Keep more than one QuickBooks window open at a time on up to three monitors. Dialogs and messages will now appear in the right monitor. Easy keyboard shortcuts are available to move windows across screens. If your QuickBooks is being hosted, this feature will not be available to you.

3.  Save time when searching the chart of accounts

Gone are the days when you have to manually search for an account or remember that account code or number. Now, you can search using keywords or part of a word or number.

4.  Faster assessment and management

Save your clicks. Use one-click toggle to change between cash based account and accrual based accounting on a per-report basis.

5. Get paid faster

Use an automated feature to put a “Past Due” stamp on open invoices. If you don’t want to use it, don’t worry – there is a simple control to turn it on or off per template.

6. Avoid penalties

Alerts are easily identified on the home page, so they’re no longer hiding in the payroll center. An automated reminder is also displayed based on your payroll setup. Now, your alerts will be displayed seven days prior to the deadline, so that you can go on a one week vacation with peace of mind. This feature only applies to those who are using QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll.

7. Improve efficiency and accuracy

The upgrade allows for faster and accurate order fulfillments with a portable barcode scanner-enabled picking process and the ability to communicate via notes. (The scanner must be purchased separately.) You can track the real-time status of inventory movements with three new statuses for sales orders: sent for pick, pick in progress and picked/partially picked. With the Enhanced Sales Order Fulfillment Worksheet, all orders are in one place, with relevant information like ship date, global inventory availability, etc. These features are available in the advanced inventory module in QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Platinum.

8. Customized data

Added customization to three key reports:

9. Stay secure

QuickBooks Enterprise 2018 is now using industry standard, recommended by webmail providers, Oauth 2.0 to send emails. You will enter your password only once at setup, rather than in each session.


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