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QuickBooks Enterprise: What is Changing and What is Staying the Same


Beginning Sept. 18, Intuit will rollout a new subscription plan for customers currently on the QuickBooks Enterprise Full Service Plan. 415 Group Manager Barbara Hupp, our resident QuickBooks expert, explains some of the new changes customers should expect.

Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor

 What should you do? Contact us at 415 Group, and we can discuss all of your options. In addition to the Desktop Enterprise Subscription Plan, Intuit offers three levels of subscription plans to choose from—Silver, Gold and Platinum—each with their own benefits and pricing level. We will work to ensure that you get the plan and price level that is right for you and your business, and we’ll pass along any special pricing that may be available. 

Starting on Sept. 18, Intuit will be migrating QuickBooks Enterprise customers to a new subscription plan on the customer’s annual renewal date. The QuickBooks Enterprise Full Service Plan will be discontinued and customers will be migrated to a new plan called the QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Subscription Plan. Customers will not lose any existing features or benefits; they will retain everything they formerly had on the Full Service Plan. Additionally, in order to ensure no disruptions to QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Services, customers will need to maintain an active subscription by renewing their subscription annually. With this new subscription, if customers do not remain active, they will lose access to QuickBooks and any connected services.

Customers will also gain some Intuit-provided benefits under the new subscription plan, including:

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