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Shield Against Sexual Harassment Charges


There's a lot of discussion these days about protecting physicians from malpractice lawsuits. But another, less publicized threat is potential sexual harassment claims from employees or patients. Like all workplaces in the last decade, medical offices have experienced an increase in the number of claims filed for sexual harassment.

An airtight policy can help shield you and your practice from big-dollar awards that leave a cloud over your reputation.


Hospital Sued Over Doctor's Behavior

The EEOC settled a sexual harassment case for $5.425 million on behalf of a class of female workers at Lutheran Medical Center, a hospital based in Brooklyn, N.Y.

In the 2003 lawsuit, EEOC alleged that Dr. Conrado Ponio, during his employment at Lutheran, abused his authority by sexually harassing female employees when conducting employment-related medical examinations. The EEOC alleged that Lutheran knew, or should have known, of the sexual harassment and failed to take adequate measures to prevent the behavior. (EEOC v. Lutheran Medical Center, No. 01-5494, EDNY)

The best defense is a good offense, so it's a good idea to review the type of behavior that can trigger sexual harassment claims. The U.S. Supreme Court has recognized two:

The Supreme Court has handed down decisions that increasingly broaden the scope of liability. The justices ruled in 1998 that an employer is responsible for the actions of supervisors even when the employer is unaware of their behavior. (Faragher v. City of Boca Raton, and Burlington Industries v. Ellreth)

Your defense in these matters is to take "reasonable care" to prevent and correct any sexually harassing behavior and show that complaining employees didn't take advantage of remedies your practice provides.

To shield yourself against harassment suits, you need to outline unacceptable behavior in an unambiguous and specific policy, which can be part of your practice's employee manual or handbook. Make all employees read and sign a copy of the policy to show they understand the requirements and the consequences of violations.

Among the elements to include in your policy are:

But medical-office staff isn't the only source of sexual harassment claims. You must also have policies that protect you in patient-contact situations. Consider:



Investing a little time, money and forethought can protect a medical practice from being beleaguered by sexual harassment claims.

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