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Your customers: Could you do more to bring them back?


An average business hears from only about 4 percent of unhappy customers. The other 96 percent don’t complain – they just go somewhere else.

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The fundamental challenge facing manufacturers and distributors today is this: What does it take to keep customers happy and satisfied enough to come back next time?

Building strategic relationships, encouraging customer loyalty and building value in products or services are some of the most basic concepts of modern management.

Most organizations spend a considerable amount of time and effort looking for ways to attract new customers. But they sometimes ignore what it takes to keep their current customers coming back.

Experts say that businesses get 80 percent of their profits from 20 percent of their customers. And it is much more expensive to attract a new customer than to keep an existing one.

If you aren’t focusing on building customer loyalty, you may be missing out on repeat business.

What can manufacturers and distributors do to get customers coming back again and again? Here are five universal points to consider:

A variety of studies focus on building customer loyalty, and these are just a few of the techniques that will help you keep your customers happy.

If you maintain a customer focus and pay attention to customer feedback, you will take important steps in keeping them coming back for more.

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