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Do you know how to report tax fraud?


You suspect that someone is committing tax fraud, but you’re not sure what to do.

How do you report tax fraud? Should you call the IRS?

The Internal Revenue Service has specific procedures in place that involve filing a form to report the type of fraud you believe may be taking place.

Silver whistle sitting on a 1040 form to signify reporting tax fraud

Print Form 3949-A from the IRS website or request the form by calling the Tax Fraud Hotline recording at (800) 829-0433. (Alleged tax law violations referrals are not accepted by phone.)

Mail the form to Internal Revenue Service, PO Box 3801, Ogden, UT 84409 to report the following:

You may also send a letter to the address instead of the form. Send as much information as possible, including the name and address of the person you are reporting, the Social Security number and/or employer identification number if you have it, the description of the offense, years involved and estimated dollar amount of unreported income.

You are not required to identify yourself, but the IRS says it is helpful to do so, and your identity will be kept confidential.

Other types of forms are required for other types of suspected tax fraud. Don’t use Form 3949-A to report the following:

When it comes to protecting your business’s finances, you need to work with a trusted accounting firm. They can help you implement internal controls or processes to detect suspicious activity and provide representation for the IRS and other taxing authorities.

At 415 Group, our certified public accountants work with businesses throughout Ohio to help them stay in compliance and navigate the complexities of the tax environment.

Have questions about how to report tax fraud or other tax issues? Learn more about our tax services.

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